Titan5 with Testwise Software

Increased Strength Capabilities

We have substantially increased the tension and compression capacities of the latest model of our Universal Strength Tester. The Titan5 now provides the capacity to accommodate tests
up to 5000 Newtons (5kN).

This increase in capacity, in conjunction with the existing and new enhanced range of tooling, intuitive software and automated processes, gives laboratories the potential to significantly increase the number and scope of tests offered.

With this instrument laboratories will be able to comply with more Standards and perform a wider array of tests on a wider range of product types.

Titan 5 full image

Designed for accuracy, ease of use and safety

Titan jaw separation distance - no ruler needed

Jaw separation distance is determined by the TestWise software. No steel ruler is needed. As any human error is removed at set-up the test has total conformance with the selected Standard.

Titan - Smart Button

An ergonomically located multi-functional ‘SMART’ button, aids the loading of the sample and is used to start the test. Allowing you to focus completely on testing your specimen.

Titan - Soft Close

Our ‘Soft Close’ jaws close in a two-stage process: the soft close is sufficient to grip the sample. Once the user’s hands are moved away, full pressure is applied ready for testing.

Quick Change Load Cells


Quick Change Load Cells

A further innovation on the Titan5 are the quick change Load Cells, which are available up to 5000N capacity, and also have an auto-recognition facility.  This design innovation make the process easy, quick & efficient - as can be seen on the left, offering the potential to increase efficiencies and laboratory through put.

Quick Change Jaw Face

Different tests require different jaw faces, as specified within the relevant Standard, so the ability to change the jaw faces quickly, and without the need for tooling, is a very useful time saving benefit of our instrument.

Quick Change Jaw Cells



Titan Tooling

Our extensive range of tool-free specimen jaws and grips available for the Titan5 has been further augmented by the introduction of five new tools.

These include tools and grips to test Elastane, Rivets, Studs, Press studs (also known as snap fastener and poppers), Velcro and leather products.

One of the new grips is our OctoGrip - an 8 claw grip designed to hold very small attachments, which is a complementary tool to the T12 grip.

Testwise Analysis Software

Numerous features of the software make the testing process easier, increase laboratory efficiencies and result accuracy. A library of pre-loaded standards and test methods are easily located through the ‘Filter’ option. Standards used regularly can be saved in ‘Favourites’ for instant access and the Standards Editor enables user-defined Standards to be created. 

The software also transfers the parameters of the selected Standard to the Titan for automatic set-up, ready for samples to be loaded, eliminating the risk of human error to give the test total conformance.

Screen showing test analysis software for Titan tensile tester

Three Clicks to Start Testing

New Test button on TestWise test analysis software

1Click the "New" button to display the list of standards and methods.

List of textile testing standards on TestWise Tensile test software

2Filter the list of standards by type, material or keywords.

Create button on TestWise test analysis software

3Click the "Start" button and you are ready to go!

Our Titan Expert

Our 5000N Titan Universal Strength Tester with TestWise and our comprehensive range of tools and grips, meets your testing requirements today and in the future. It is a beautifully designed instrument and is incredibly easy to use … the instrument and software do most of the work for you.

Developed by James Heal, TestWise is the test and analysis software which runs Titan. It is very easy to use and has an intuitive work flow, from selecting a standard through to printing your test report - it's all in one application.

Peter Goodwin, Head of Technical and Titan Product Manager

Titan Tensile Tester Product Manager performing a strength test


Support Services

We understand that you are looking for a full package so we offer complete support for the full life of your Titan5 Strength Tester:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Remote Online Support
  • Software Maintenance
  • Breakdown Support
  • Applications Support
  • Spare Parts
  • Service & UKAS Calibration

Find out more about our full support services.

Titan Accessories

To get the very best from your Titan5 strength tester you need to be using high quality accessories for your instrument - genuine James Heal materials that you can rely on.

  • Standardised Break Strength Fabrics
  • Specimen Templates
  • Graduated Seam Opening Gauge*
  • Fabric Conditioner*
  • Sewing Machine Needles*
  • Sewing Threads*

* Items required for seam slippage testing


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