Air-Cooled Light Fastness Tester

TruFade is about to make life simpler for you by bringing a totally fresh approach to light fastness testing. Everything about our TruFade light fastness tester has been designed with the user in mind. The height enables you to change lamps without a step ladder. The wide opening test chamber allows you to comfortably load/unload the sample holders. The software makes it really easy to track the fading progress of your samples and the life of the lamp and filters.

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TruFade light fastness machine

Designed With You In Mind

Up to 9 three-sided sample holders giving total exposure capacity of 1640cm2.

SolarSens radiometer for controlling the operation of TruFade in irradiance mode.

A pull-out water tank makes cleaning and filling an easy task.

Intuitive Software

Software worthy of TruFade

For our revolutionary light fastness tester, we have created a touch screen control device, to help you set up and monitor the performance of TruFade and to track the exposure of your specimens. You can select either 'controlled irradiance' or 'blue wool' mode.

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TruFade features user focused software design

The clear user interface makes operation simple and fast.

Select the standard you require - TruFade does the rest.

Usage indicators enable you to monitor the life of your lamp and filters.

Our TruFade Expert

TruFade is a truly revolutionary instrument and I am proud to have been part of the development team. The entire design process has been based on how customers use the instrument and striving to make testing as simple as possible. We carry out extensive testing ourselves during product development to emulate the testing process and typical environmental conditions. This gives you the reassurance you need to be sure that this instrument will perform in line with relevant light fastness testing standards.

Craig Taylor, Test Materials Manager


Support Services

We understand that you are looking for a full package so we offer complete support for the full life of your TruFade:

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Breakdown Support
  • Applications Support
  • Spare Parts
  • Service & Calibration

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TruFade Test Materials

To get the very best from TruFade, we recommend using genuine James Heal test materials, accessories and spares.

We offer a comprehensive range including:

  • Xenon Lamps (Xenon Arc Lamps)
  • Heat Absorbing Filters (KG-1)
  • Specimen Masks
  • Water Purification System
  • ISO and AATCC Blue Wool Standards
  • ISO Humidity Test Control Fabric
  • ISO and AATCC Grey Scales for Colour Change
  • OBA-Free Specimen Cards

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TruFade Flyer

Our TruFade flyer contains further information about this colour fastness testing instrument including Technical Specifications and Installation Requirements.


Corporate Brochure

Our corporate brochure contains details of our key instruments and other services.


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